Thursday, August 16, 2018

Saying hello into the void . . .

I took my blog offline for a while and made it viewable by the author only . . . okay, for about three years. In that three years my husband and I have gone through a legal separation, the kids have grown up a lot, and life has changed rather significantly in some ways and very little in others.

Our legal separation was finalized July 23 of this year, one day before our 19th wedding anniversary. The past few years have been very difficult in many ways, good in other ways, and very much a growing experience.

Our kids are growing up. AJ is 17 now, M&M is 16, Ebee (formerly known as Baby E) just turned 13, and Nae is 4 and a half.

I'm not sure if I'm going to start blogging regularly or not, but I decided to make the blog generally viewable again for the time being, and post this update.

Most likely nobody will even see this post, but here I am. Hello, world.