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More on Dressing Your Truth

We are really enjoying our Dressing Your Truth trials. We bought several copies of the $1 trial so that we'd have the information for all 4 types since we have all four in our family.

I thought I'd share some of the things that have been helpful for us in deciding between one type or another, in case you're taking the course and having trouble deciding.


3 and 1 actually have a lot of similarities in their features, but the main difference is that the 1 has a lot of upward, light movement and the overall impression they give is "cute" and "fun", while a 3 comes across as more intense and dramatic.

From what I have been reading/hearing, though, a 4/1 or 1/4 combination where both elements are coming across really strongly can look a lot like a 3 in the way it expresses in a personality.

Ultimately you really have to go with what seems right to you, I think. You know yourself best. But remember that often we have tried to change or squelch who we are, so that's why the physical traits and body language can be especially telling--sometimes even more than behavior, which is easier to alter.

I also had some doubt about the strength of the connection between physical traits and personality. But as a rabbit breeder I've come in contact with quite a bit of scientific and experiential evidence that there are or at least can be some strong genetic links between physical and behavioral/personality traits.

For instance, if you get a chance to read about the fascinating study where groups of foxes selected solely on the basis of temperamental and behavioral traits actually developed consistent physical traits in each line (with the tamer foxes looking more like domestic dogs), it's very interesting. Here's an article by Temple Grandin that includes some information about genetic links between various characteristics, and mentions the fox study.

So far, the connection between physical and personality traits that Carol makes in her program really seems to hold true for the most part in our family. Although DH points out that "The [Family Name] Nose" in his family appears to be a strongly hereditary trait independent of personality. :)

So don't forget to look at your facial features, hands, movement, doodling and body language as described in the videos, along with your internal feelings and tendencies.

Carol Tuttle has also written a couple of books on energy profiling. Both books have a lot of the same information in them, but It's Just my Nature is more general about the personality types and applicable to everyone, while Dressing Your Truth-Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile is more geared toward women and has more info. about the fashion industry and why it's not helpful for most women. I haven't actually read either book yet, but I have one on hold at the library and will probably buy the other.

They are running a special deal right now for a package with a book, audiobook, and the energy profiling online class that you can check out here if you want more info, or to see the individual books you can go to the store at the Dressing Your Truth website. The books don't teach you how to dress your truth, but they do teach the personality and facial profiling.

When I was questioning my type, I watched the "extra help" profiling videos again, and then watched the energy profiling video again. The first time through I sort of skipped past the sections re-showing images that convey each type, because it seemed redundant and I wanted to get to the point. (Type 3s tend to skip ahead or skim to get to the point.)

The second and third time through, I realized that the videos with images relating to each type in the "what type are you" section are really masterfully done. The images not only convey the types, but the music, the speed and even the direction and way the pictures move from one to the next fits each type very well.

I think that if you relax and watch those videos in a fully engaged way, paying attention to how you feel with each one, the one you resonate the most with and that feels like you will give a huge clue to which type you are.

I didn't particularly *like* the Type 3 video in the sense of feeling comfortable with it--it certainly wasn't relaxing! But I recognized myself in it.

When watching photo slide shows I inevitably feel like they're taking too long and going too slow; I don't need *that* long to look at a picture and am ready to move on to the next one way before it switches.

The Type 3 video was, in spots, too fast even for my comfort level. But it was dynamic and active and fast. It was hard to keep up with and at times made me feel a little uncomfortable--which is exactly how my Type 2 husband sometimes feels about my movement and energy. He loves me and the way I am, but I make his head spin. :) So I didn't find it pleasant in a soothing way at all, but I found it exciting and stimulating and resonated with it, if that makes sense.

On the other hand, there are some quality flaws in the energy profiling video itself, as well as some slightly inaccurate scientific claims (i.e. a simplified and not completely accurate description of elements).

DH and I were joking that the company should add that to their summary at the end to help people decide what type they are: "Do the minor flaws and unprofessional quality in this video bother you so much that you want to fix it or think judging thoughts about it? Or do you think, 'This is stupid,' and become tempted to dismiss everything else Carol has to say because of the flawed video quality, in your black-and-white thinking? If so, then you might have a 4 as either your primary or secondary leading.

"If it makes you feel angry that you're paying good money for an inferior product, or you have a drive to take action and do something about it, you might be a 3. If you noticed but didn't feel strong emotion about it or feel compelled to do anything about it, you may be a 2. If you didn't really notice, or noticed but then didn't give it a second thought or found it amusing, you may be a 1."

I'm glad I pushed through and gave it a chance anyway. :)

I went ahead and signed up for the Type 3 course, and the more I watch it the more I resonate with it and am sure I picked the right type for me. I so much enjoyed watching the videos, and laughed out loud at things that Carol said like, "Dainty is not our thing," and ""That's too neat and tidy for us--we move through life way too quickly to be tucking in our shirts."

Remember that you don't necessarily have to like the particular clothing items in order to understand the design principals from looking at them. Everyone's interpretation of a Type 1, Type 3, etc. will be different--you can combine the design elements in almost infinite ways.

They will also be affected to some extent by your culture and preferences, but they can apply in any situation.

For instance, in a group of nuns in a convent they will have only the option of very small variations in the way they wear their habits and drape their rosary beads to express their individuality (and, really, the whole idea of the habit is that they're all supposed to be the same and not express individuality or distract from spiritual things).

But a Type 1 might allow a few curls to escape from her coif, while a 2 might drape things more softly, a 3 might wear hers slightly asymmetrically and tie her belt or rosary beads at an angle, and a 4 might wear her habit and headdress in very severe and symmetrical lines. In a group of women who are all wearing the same colors and clothing items, those subtle differences will express their personalities even though it won't be as dramatic an expression as if they could vary their colors and styles.

Carol's Dressing Your Truth class teaches you to use colors, textures, lines and other elements together to most effectively complement and support your personality and unique features.

Overall, most of it just plain makes sense.

I think I will end up keeping the course after the trial. It's not something we would normally spend that kind of money on, and being a one-income family we have to carefully consider expenditures, but DH is on board with it and especially with the 30% discount they are offering I think it will be worth it to me. There are ongoing new resources being added all the time that I'll have access to, and I've found the information so very helpful.

I signed up for the trial fully intending to cancel it before the 5 days were up. Especially since I'm T3 with a secondary T4, my initial reaction was a very strong, "Who do she think SHE is to be telling everyone how to dress?!?!" But my 3 frugality and wanting to get a good deal and get my money's worth won out long enough to make me really give it a chance and go through the information.

I've found it surprisingly valuable.

I have no fashion sense at all, and had actually already been considering hiring someone to help me go through my wardrobe and do some shopping because I was tired of feeling like I looked frumpy, old and weird. So the timing was good for me.

And, I'm having so many new amazing insights into who I am, and in understanding my family better. Plus, I absolutely love my new look. So does DH.

I truly do think it's going to save me a lot of time, money and frustration in clothing shopping. And the amount of benefit we've already gotten out of it as a family in understanding each other has got to be worth at least the cost of a session or two of family counseling a few years down the road. :)

M&M was smiling ear to ear last night as she did her chores and got ready for bed, saying, "I like to say my words that go with Type 1 over to myself. I'm exuberant, light, bouyant, fresh, crisp and fun!" I think it's really validating to her, especially since she so often gets told to "settle down" in her life. :)

I do keep reminding the kids that they have elements of all types in themselves and it's fine to be other ways too . . . I don't want them to take this as a box to confine themselves into, but I like the part about it validating the value of who they are and the beauty in everyone's differences too.

Now, if I can just figure out what to do about a Type 3 hairstyle that would work with my wave and texture, but not go overboard with the movement and edginess to also honor my secondary 4, that would be great.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing Your experience with the dressing your truth stuff. Great perspective.

7:41 PM  
Blogger Rachel R. said...

Ooooh; that's an interesting observation about the rabbits/foxes. My hubby has also said that different colors of cats have different temperaments. We look for grey tabbies because they're very personable. (As a result, I don't remember what he said about other colors and their temperaments, because we haven't owned a wide variety since we've been married!)

And I'm laughing here at your ideas regarding the imperfections in the videos!

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Evie said...

The bit about your reaction to the flaws in the video was hilarious -
I noticed them, called them stupid, and then amused myself by making comments poking fun at the program... and yet, I watched it several times and considered the possibility it may be right and I might be any type.
Also, first time I watched the video I thought I was a 2, but found myself getting distracted during the 2 section. The 3 section just rubbed me completely the wrong way and didn't resonate at all, while 1 and 4 both felt very "right" in different ways.

10:20 AM  

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